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Services offered at Tahoma Clinic

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The Tahoma Clinic is proud of the quality of its naturopathic physicians. Graduates of Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine, and The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, all are licensed by the state of Washington.

Medical Staff

The Tahoma Clinic has a variety of options to assist women who are interested in optimizing their health through hormonal support or need to address many of the health challenges that women face. Treatment with Bio-Identical Hormones (a specialty of Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Wright is the proclaimed “Father of Bio-Identical Hormones”) for menopausal symptoms and hormone imbalances experienced by women of all ages is very much in demand.  Our doctors address conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids, prevention against osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and cancers as well as any other concerns women have. Each program is individualized to meet personal needs, with consideration of your prior history and family history. New Patient appointments commonly run an hour or more with follow-up appointments varying according to need.

Women's Health & BHRT

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright pioneered the use of Bio-Identical hormones such as Testosterone and DHEA for men when it became evident that men could benefit from this therapy.  With careful testing of steroid metabolism, our doctors give special attention that supplemental testosterone is really needed (can’t be raised by other means), that testosterone does not metabolize into estrogen (which puts men at risk for various problems), and other markers are measured to ensure safety and efficacy of treatment. Treatment anomalies, such as the hyper-excretion of testosterone due to lack of certain other nutrients, are evaluated and resolved to ensure treatment provides optimal results.

Gastric Analysis is performed here at the clinic to determine whether the stomach is functioning normally, if stomach function is inadequate there is a possibility that you are not absorbing vitamins, minerals, or certain proteins that your body needs.

Gastric Analysis

Thermography is essentially a photograph of the heat produced in the body. The body is constantly emitting heat as infrared radiation from its source. A thermographic camera takes a picture of these rays. Areas of the body that are more metabolically active and have more blood flow will produce more infrared rays and will be visible on the thermogram. Once pictures are taken they are then analyzed by a Board Certified Thermologist.


We offer over three dozen intravenous treatments pioneered by Dr. Wright and Dr. Alan Gaby that are prescribed for various health conditions. These are used to support nutritional status, immune function, detox, and many other reasons.

IV Treatments

Based on your laboratory testing, your physician may recommend a series of treatments and supplements using vitamins, minerals, amino acids herbs, etc. to address deficiencies and optimize energy and health.  All recommendations are individualized for the patient, based on tests showing the severity of depletion or need.

Macular degeneration, also known as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD or ARMD), is a medical condition which may result in blurred vision or no vision in the center of the visual field.  Over time a gradual worsening of vision may affect one or both eyes. This loss of central vision can make it difficult to recognize faces, drive, read, or perform other activities of daily life.  Macular degeneration typically occurs in older people. In 2010 it affected 23.5 million people globally. In 2013 moderate to severe disease affected 13.4 million and it is the fourth most common cause of blindness. It most commonly occurs in people over the age…

Dry Macular Degeneration