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New Patients 

Tahoma Clinic has gained nation-wide recognition due to Dr. Wright’s many years as a well-known natural medicine researcher, physician, speaker, and health advocate.

During your first visit to Tahoma Clinic, you’ll undergo a comprehensive health evaluation.  This takes about one hour.  It includes a complete health history, a physical examination if required, and often some initial recommendations.  Lab testing is usually suggested during the visit and can be completed while you are visiting.

Full recommendations are usually given when lab results are available, at the second appointment.  All recommendations are personalized according to your health objectives and lab results.

To schedule your new patient appointment, call Tahoma Clinic at 206-812-9988.

*** Once your appointment is booked, you’ll be asked to fill out the New Patient Form and bring it to your appointment. ***

Patients coming from a distance for treatment may benefit from staying overnight near the Tahoma Clinic in order to complete
any fasting tests recommended by the 
doctor on the following day. There are a number of hotels in Tukwila.