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Dr. John Sherman, ND

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Dr. Sherman’s 40 years of naturopathic practice has equipped him with a wealth of experience–from natural childbirth to the most complex health challenges. His eclectic medical background has provided him with a unique perspective on many different ailments and imbalances.

In addition to practicing naturopathic medicine prior to coming to Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Sherman served as Clinic Director for Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington, and also as an associate professor for both the National College of Natural Medicine and Bastyr University.  He has authored a classic naturopathic textbook on herbal medicine titled, The Complete Botanical Prescriber; and co-authored, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide.  Additionally, he has produced an instructional DVD titled, Cancer and Diet: Using Food to Eliminate Cancer and Promote Recovery.

At Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Sherman sees patients with diverse health problems including men and women interested in Dr. Wright’s bio-identical hormone therapies.  His areas of special interest include cardiovascular problems, auto-immune challenges, adjunctive cancer support, chronic fatigue, functional laboratory analysis, detoxification of the body, individualized nutritional programs, and preventive whole-system programs for both men and women.

Dr. Sherman is a previous speaker at numerous medical conferences, including the British Columbia Naturopathic Association, Oregon Association of Naturopathic Medicine, and for the Age Management Medicine Group’s semi-annual physician conference.  He is also a popular guest host on The Green Medicine Radio Show.

Dr. Sherman summarizes his approach as follows:

“Acquiring optimal health is a different journey for all of us, and only by returning your body to balance can one achieve true healing.  By maintaining one’s ideal diet, unique biochemical and hormonal make-up, plus removing toxins and blockages, we are able to open our lives to greater health, energy and creativity.  My personal mission is to help each of my patients attain optimal health, no matter where they are on their journey”

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