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Dr. John Sherman, ND – Testimonials

Dear Dr. John Sherman,

I cannot put my words together, other than to say “thank you”, but even that doesn’t seem to cover my gratitude towards what you’ve done for me and my parents. For 14 years, I have seen my parents spend thousands of dollars to find answers as to what was causing my seizure disorder. At the same time, I was also suffering, by having the worst kind of seizures which could have killed me. During my 14 years of fear, I have earned scars, broken glass doors, dented metal cabinets, fallen on my face countless times, sprained both of my ankles and right knee, and dislocated a disc in my lower spine, let alone almost chewing my tongue completely off and suffocating during a seizure. I thought the next seizure would end my life, but when my mother heard about you and what you do to help people like me, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I had to trust my mom and hope this would be my salvation. I have prayed for 14 years that God would cure me of this nightmare. God did by using you. Since I started taking (the supplements you prescribed), I only had 1 seizure which I think was caused by dehydration. Two years later, I am now enjoying the life I thought I would never have, and it’s only the beginning. I’m about to finish my first year of having my driver’s license. A month after I got my license, I started my first full-time job. I’m continuing the supplements as prescribed, no more, no less. My life before is now just a memory, and I hope it will stay that way. A thousand thanks from a grand mal seizure survivor.

Sincerely, RM

Thanks and gratitude to Dr. John Sherman!  The improvement of my health and well being, as well as my wife, is nothing short of a MIRACLE since my visit with Dr. Sherman at the Tahoma Clinic.   I was badly wounded in Viet Nam leaving me with severe insomnia.  Now I sleep through the night in a deep sleep.  Before seeing Dr. Sherman I was in great pain in all my joints:  knees, hips, left shoulder, right arm and right leg.  I had extreme difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings.  To my amazement I now spring out of bed in the morning!!!  PAIN FREE!!!

For many years I had prostate trouble.  Dr. Sherman gave me some simple exercises, and a simple non-prescription juice to drink and my prostate is fine now.  I could go on but the list of my health and life improvements are great.  All I can say about my wife is that her life long list of allergies is gone and she is experiencing good health for the first time, and high energy as well.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I write this letter.  Thank you, Dr. John Sherman.

J.L., San Diego, California

To Dr. John Sherman and the Tahoma Clinic:

Over the years my health had been on a steady decline. Though I have been a most energetic man my entire life, my initiative and drive were very much gone. I hurt all over and had a great deal of difficulty breathing. My medical doctor had numerous tests performed, including checking my heart, lungs and evaluating me for asthma, all of which turned up negative.

Finally, some friends told me of folks they knew who had been to the Tahoma Clinic with good results. I made an appointment and had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. John Sherman.

When I did make the trip to Washington for my appointment I found Dr. Sherman to be well prepared and exceptionally knowledgeable. Unlike the many naturopaths from whom I had previously sought care, his approach was quite scientific. Dr. Sherman had several vitamin injections administered while I was still in the Seattle area. These injections were formulated for what my paper and blood work had shown my system to be lacking. With these I immediately experienced a slight bounce toward feeling better. Also, Dr. Sherman set forth a protocol of vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes to get my health back on track. His testing provided an extensive list of foods, rating each as to how well my body reacted to them. In this list I found many common things that I was eating every day were creating a strong negative reaction in my body. These reactions would include, but not be limited to, shortness of breath, restriction of the bronchial airways and a throbbing in the area of the esophagus that felt like my heart was throbbing.

Because of a lengthy history of damage I did not expect a miracle. On the other hand, I do feel much better and now have a choice regarding how I wish to spend each day since I can proceed as one who is informed. If I stay within the guidelines of the acceptable foods and work with indicated supplements I can continue to feel quite well. If I wish to behave outside of these parameters I end up taking the consequences.

Dr. Sherman and Tahoma Clinic have made a marked improvement in my life and how I feel from day-to-day. I highly recommend the knowledge and the professionalism of Dr. Sherman and the services provided at Tahoma Clinic to anyone who is in search of better health and not finding adequate results through other means. Over the previous 12 to 15 years I had spent several tens of thousands of dollars on various forms of naturopathic care–all with limited or minimal results. Tahoma Clinic is not inexpensive but assuredly on par, cost wise, with other clinics who offer much less. On the other hand, the return on investment has been well worth every penny spent. Dr. Sherman and Tahoma Clinic gave me a path to a new freedom in my life that I had sought for so many years. I am so thankful that caring friends brought me the information about Tahoma Clinic whereby I was directed to the capable care of Dr. Sherman.

G. Hargadon, Lewiston, Montana

Dr. Sherman,

You have made such a difference in my life, it’s crazy! For the last 3 years, I have felt like my happiness, sanity, and joy have been slipping away—I felt like I was slipping away. My doctors tried to prescribe drugs, but I knew I needed some other kind of help, so I sought out Tahoma Clinic. Seeing you, Dr. Sherman—it has all changed for me! I’m so thankful for all the awesome “natural healing” products that are there to help us, but they wouldn’t mean a thing without someone like you to create the master plan. You seriously brought me back to that happy place I once called my life. While I do know that dark days come, they’re a part of life, it is now so much easier to “kick out the darkness”. You’re such a part of the light in my life! Thank you again for everything!

G.L., Olympia, Washington

After a second diagnosis with breast cancer, I decided to look into alternative medicine, instead of using patent medication, to reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Through reading and research I discovered The Tahoma Clinic and Dr. Sherman.

When I shared with Dr. Sherman that my oncologist was urging me to take tamoxifen, which was not an option for me, and that I wanted to look at my hormones to try to understand what could have caused a reoccurrence of the estrogen receptor positive cancer, he was extremely encouraging and supportive.
After the test results came back, we found that a few of my hormones (the estrogens specifically as well as a couple of others) were out of balance. When Dr. Sherman followed up with me to go over the results, he spent a great deal of time explaining each result thoroughly and patiently, and answered each and every one of my questions.
We are working together now to balance my hormones, and I say we, because Dr. Sherman allows me to take part in my health care. He listens very attentively to my questions and concerns and even allows me to make recommendations in terms of dosage with regard to some of the supplements and hormones I am on.

I feel I have gained more knowledge from the care I get under Dr. Sherman in a few short months than I have in all the years put together with my oncologist since the original diagnosis of breast cancer 9 years ago. Dr. Sherman takes time to educate me on the different nutrients and minerals necessary for breast health, and what I can do to balance my hormones with regard to my diet and nutrition just to name a few.

Before I found The Tahoma Clinic, I felt very alone like there was nowhere to turn because I knew that all western medicine had to offer me was nothing short of a band aid, i.e. tamoxifen, and I wanted answers and to try to understand how this could have happened in the first place but also for a second time. When I posed questions to my oncologist she became frustrated with me and told she wasn’t sure what I was looking for but I would never find the answers.

After speaking with Dr. Sherman the first time, I started to feel the darkest cloud of depression begin to lift, severe anxiety start to calm, and for the first time in many months a feeling of hopefulness. To hear Dr. Sherman tell me that he can see how dedicated I am to the choice I have made to go alternative with my healthcare and that he can see I have the drive to really turn this health situation of mine around, does far more for me physically and emotionally than any pharmaceutical ever could.
I feel like I have a true advocate when it comes to my healthcare in Dr. Sherman. Every day I thank God for Dr. Sherman, Dr. Wright and the entire staff at The Tahoma Clinic.


Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am that you are my “Miracle Doctor”.  I truly mean this.  After suffering several years after my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and spending several months using a wheelchair and walker,  I am now free of those devices.  The regimen you have put me on is working.  I did not believe I could get better and you told me to “have hope” and that you were certain I would get better.  I cannot say I am 100% but I am 60%, if not more.  Just being able to walk on my own means the world to me.  Dr. Sherman is one of the most caring and knowledgeable physicians I have ever encountered.  I feel so blessed that Dr. Sherman is my Doctor!
S.W., Silversprings, Nevada