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Tawni Pendleton, Nutritionist

Tawni Pendleton, MS, has 20 years of experience in the field of nutritional science and has worked at the Tahoma Clinic for over 12 years. In her position as the Director of Product Services she researches, reviews, and answers supplement questions for Tahoma Clinic patients, Green Medicine radio show listeners, and newsletter readers.

“Tawni is an expert in dietary supplements and the science behind them.”
Jonathan V. Wright, MD
Medical Director, The Tahoma Clinic

Tawni works closely with the doctors of the clinic to further patient success, implementing nutritional strategies for both the prevention and treatment of various health imbalances.  She chose a career in nutrition because of her interest in helping others, and her experience with the difference nutrition has made in the health of family members.

Tawni graduated Magna Cum Laude from Logan University with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physical Performance.  Her specialties and interests include helping patients to achieve optimal digestion, addressing food allergies, and dietary support to reduce insulin resistance and improve Type 2 diabetes.  She works with the patient to support their health goals and achieve success.

As a functional nutritionist, I try to consider all aspects of your health, including diet and lifestyle.
First appointments include a comprehensive consultation to get to know you and help identify the areas
that need attention.  Understanding you and your goals allows me to customize diet and health
recommendations so that you can take control of your own health.

Appointments can be made by calling 206-812-9988.