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Dr. Davis Lamson, ND – Testimonials

Dear Dr. Lamson,

I first reached out to you about breast cancer and undiagnosed CD and autoimmune, and lack of HCl.  I made it to you in a wheelchair with triglycerides of 35.

More recently – several years now- you brought both of my children to health from poor conditions. 

My son was weak, fatigued and finally admitted it.  Within days on your regime he came to life like a flower given water. 

Your cure of my daughter’s severe and terrifying PCOS two months ago put an end to a horrific monthly excruciating pain coupled with fear.  A large cyst would require surgery and cause ovarian torsion.  She is now two periods with no cyst or rupture.  We are stunned,   and this has made a permanent change from monthly preparation of hot water bottles, Advil, castor oil and more –on alert to rush to ER and ready for 6 hours of horrific pain.

You have made a profound difference to my family.  We think of you often.  We thank you…we thank God for Dr. Lamson – no exaggeration.  I can only imagine the vast number of patients that you have treated and the impact you have had upon lives.

To my family, you define what it means to be a doctor.

Thank you for your fact-based research and your wit.  For caring, tolerating and curing.

With love, appreciation and respect,
Laura S.