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Digital Pulsewave Analysis

You’re as Old as Your Arteries Seem…How to Get Them Younger

The leading cause of premature death in the U.S. is plugged up arteries to the heart (atherosclerosis), starving it of blood and causing heart attack.
There is no reason for 90% of this to happen because we can detect it beforehand and change it, but this isn’t being offered in general medicine.

The amount of plaque lining of the arteries can be measured from outside the body and largely removed inexpensively.  Tahoma Clinic uses the “Digital Pulsewave Analysis” (DPA) instrument, which grades the amount of plaque in the arteries and so can measure the success of treatment removing plaque.

 Unfortunately, the American diet encourages atherosclerosis. So almost everyone has a little and some much more. Find out where you stand.

 On the word “younger” in the title – if one has substantial atherosclerosis, it isn’t just in the heart arteries, but all over. All the organs are getting less blood supply and act older than the body actually is. If artery circulation is opened, then organs can act younger.

Testing Process:

A small clip is placed over the fingernail that emits red light through the finger capillaries to detect changes in pressure, blood flow and velocity through the full arterial pulsewave cycle.  The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer detects the stiffness of the arteries due to atherosclerosis and grades it on a scale of concern.  

Why Everyone Should Consider Having an Analysis Done

  • Gives early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis and peripheral circulatory disturbance
  • Learn status of blood circulation and blood vessel aging
  • Simple, inexpensive, non-invasive exam lasting about 10 minutes.
  • Physicians and patients can track improvement easily during treatment
  • Provides important information beyond traditional blood pressure measurements

How to Schedule

Dr. Davis Lamson at Tahoma Clinic is one of two practitioners in the state of Washington offering Digital Pulsewave Analysis.  To learn more about the DPA, visit the manufacturer’s website:  https://digitalpulseanalyzer.com/

Call the Tahoma Clinic at 206-812-9988 to schedule an analysis with Dr. Davis Lamson.