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Digital Pulsewave Analysis for Atherosclerosis

The Major Cause of Premature Death is Reduced Circulation in the Arteries to the Heart  

Atherosclerosis is the result of arterial narrowing and stiffening due to the gradual lining of blood vessels with oily or calcified material (plaque).  This can be detected early and a simple inexpensive way to remove the “soft plaque” initiated.  It is estimated that 90% of heart attacks can now be prevented by detection and clearing of atherosclerosis. 

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer (DPA) detects the stiffness of the arteries due to atheroslerosis and grades it on a scale of concern.  The analysis also detects heart beat irregularity.  The instrument uses a red light through the finger capillaries to detect the pulsewave shape. Analysis provides a grade of A to G, with A being the least amount of arterial stiffness, etc. If the grade is high, a simple inexpensive treatment can be initiated.

Testing Process:

A small clip is placed over the fingernail that emits red light through the finger capillaries to detect changes in pressure, blood flow and velocity through the full arterial pulsewave cycle.

Benefits of Doing an Analysis:

  • Early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis and peripheral circulatory disturbance
  • Learn status of blood circulation and blood vessel aging
  • Simple, inexpensive, non-invasive exam lasting about 10 minutes.
  • Physicians and patients can track improvement easily during treatment
  • Provides important information beyond traditional blood pressure measurements

How to Schedule an Analysis:

Dr. Davis Lamson at Tahoma Clinic is one of two practitioners in the state of Washington offering Digital Pulsewave Analysis.

Call the Tahoma Clinic at 206-812-9988 to schedule an analysis.