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Suffering from dry macular degeneration?
Set your sights on the secret to saving your vision

From time to time we all go through and “weed out” old files. I was doing that last week, and came across an article written by a now-departed friend and colleague Thomas Dorman, M.D.

Dr. Dorman joined Tahoma Clinic from his own practice in California, worked with us for several years, and then moved on to his own clinic here in Washington State. He passed away a few years ago.

His commentary about dry macular degeneration treatment at Tahoma Clinic—written in 1998—follows:

“It was an amazing experience when I joined the Tahoma Clinic, made famous by Dr. Jonathan Wright, that I found a routine for managing macular degeneration. It would have been impolite of me to have said what I thought—“It cannot be.” Of all the forms of quackery, the assumption that a nutritional physician could cure that which the specialist for the eye could not was the most brazen and not likely to be substantiated. Now, in retrospect, I am glad that I did not hastily express skepticism.

It fell to me, however, to follow the protocol established at the clinic and treat many of the individuals who flocked (and who still flock) to our clinic asking for help with this disease. Mostly the disease was diagnosed correctly by their ophthalmologists across the land, and mostly they were told (and are still being told) that nothing can be done:

“The prognosis is hopeless…”

Well, having utilized the protocol for macular degeneration in my own practice for one and a half years, since my move from California to Washington State, I can testify from the clinical experience I have gained personally that about seven out of 10 of the patients who have come in with this diagnosis (and only those in whose case the diagnosis was correctly made) benefited substantially from the regime used to improve their vision.

One must emphasize that in advanced cases, the doses of these nutrients required is so high that these need to be carefully administered through an intravenous protocol. Accordingly, this is usually done in our clinic setting. A course of treatment of about eight weeks is required. Many of these people come and stay in motels near the clinic during the course of their treatment. But what a boon it is to save one’s vision! I, for one, now stand foursquare behind this routine based on my clinical experience.”

This treatment saved my father’s vision—
and it can do the same for you

Over the past few decades, Tahoma Clinic physicians have treated hundreds of individuals diagnosed with dry macular degeneration—with an astounding 70-percent success rate.

The first person successfully treated for dry macular degeneration was treated in 1986 using the very first version of our dry macular degeneration protocol. With the Tahoma Clinic treatment protocol, she achieved full return of her vision. She has needed treatment twice since then, in the late 1990s and then in 2003—again with full return of her vision. Each time, her diagnosis was made by her own ophthalmologist.

The second individual was my father, who refused to come from Ohio to Washington State. He found a reluctantly cooperative ophthalmologist locally (“Well, we’re not doing anything else that works,” he said). Using the same intravenous treatment, he improved his vision from 20/80 (corrected, with glasses, both eyes) to 20/30 (corrected, with  glasses, both eyes)

We define “success” as stopping the problem from getting worse. But most of the time, the results with that “70 percent success rate” are better than that—ranging from moderate recovery to complete recovery of vision.

We prefer to collect an exact diagnosis prior to an appointment—including visual acuity measurement from an independent ophthalmologist.  After treatment, a return trip to the same ophthalmologist is recommended.

If you or a loved one have dry macular degeneration, consider visiting us at Tahoma Clinic. The treatment takes up to eight weeks away from home—and it isn’t inexpensive—but the odds of improvement are excellent. And I’m sure you’d agree that maintaining your vision—or that of a loved one—is well worth it.

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