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New Patients


Tahoma Clinic has gained nation-wide recognition due to Dr. Wright’s many years as a well-known natural medicine researcher, physician, speaker, and health advocate. In addition, the wide circulation of his monthly newsletter, Green Medicine, brings patients to Tahoma Clinic from across the nation.

At Tahoma Clinic, we believe that patient care must be customized for each patient, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We provide detailed treatment plans based on each patient’s unique set of health problems and needs. Your doctor will take the time to listen to all of your concerns, make initial recommendations, and suggest laboratory testing as necessary.

To schedule your new patient appointment, call the Tahoma Clinic.
Once your appointment is booked, you’ll be asked to fill out the New Patient Form and either fax it to us or mail it to our office. Other arrangements can be made with our front office staff to ensure we have your paperwork in preparation for your visit.

Patients who wish to visit Tahoma Clinic from outlying areas or out-of-state locales may contact our receptionists to schedule a new patient appointment or may choose to download the New Patient Form and send it to us for review by our medical staff prior to scheduling.

Patients coming from a distance for treatment may benefit from planning to stay overnight near the Tahoma Clinic in order to complete any testing recommended by the doctor. There are a number of local hotels in the Tukwila, Renton and South Center area available.


New Patient Form
Click Here to open a pdf version of the Tahoma Clinic New Patient Form.

It is very important that we have this information either before or the day of your appointment. Your Tahoma Clinic doctor will review your forms prior to the start of your appointment.

If you plan to bring the forms with you the day of your appointment, please plan to come 10 minutes early and kindly let us know you’ll be arriving with the forms.

Medical Privacy Policy
In order to assure complete privacy, the Tahoma Clinic does not send medical and/or health information or advice by email. Instead, we rely on phone calls and fax. The Tahoma Clinic Medical Privacy Policy can be seen here.

Medical Release Form
Tahoma Clinic Medical Release Form (PDF) can be accessed here.

Friends and Family Release of Information Form
Tahoma Clinic Friends and Family release form (PDF) that enabes your physician, or physician’s assistant, to speak to a family member or a friend on your behalf can be accessed here.

Phone Case History Form
Tahoma Clinic Phone Appointment  Case History Form (PDF) can be accessed here.

Heidelberg Gastric Analysis Fasting Instructions
Tahoma Clinic Heidelberg Gastric Analysis test instructions (PDF) can be accessed here.

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