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The Tahoma Clinic and Supplement Store are located at 6839 Fort Dent Way, Tukwila, Washington  98188

Dr. Jonathon V. Wright, Medical Director

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, Medical Director

Established in 1973 by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, well-known pioneer in natural medicine, researcher, author and speaker, Tahoma Clinic has provided evidence-based natural treatments to thousands of patients in the Puget Sound area and across the nation. Now with three locations in the Puget Sound area, the Tahoma Clinics continue to meet the needs of patients searching for a multi-faceted approach to health care. Based on over 50,000 medical journal articles and 35 years of clinical experience, Tahoma Clinic has observed many times that symptoms often yield to the application of Nature’s remedies. Our natural approach includes testing for underlying causes of illness. We routinely test for food sensitivities, general mineral status, toxic metal overload, digestive capability, steroid metabolites (for BHRT), gluten/gliadin sensitivity, and insulin resistance testing. Therapies usually consist of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement as determined by laboratory testing, customized vitamin, mineral, amino acid, essential fatty acid, and botanical therapies. With Dr. Jonathan V. Wright serving as Medical Director over all clinics, product store, and on-site laboratory, patients can rest assured they will receive the benefit of his wisdom and commitment quality in all treatments and supplements recommended. Tahoma Clinics are conveniently located in Tukwila, North Seattle, and Redmond. We look forward to helping you reach your health goals!

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Green MedicineOur holistic medicine approach is derived from Dr. Jonathan Wright’s unique natural treatments, defined by many years of clinical experience, extensive research, and exhaustive study into the historical uses of effective natural therapies.  Dr. Wright’s philosophy of care includes the use of natural substances when found to be as effective as prescription medication, searching for underlying causes of symptomatic expressions, and “copying nature” as much as possible, especially in the use of hormone replacement therapy for women and men.  We invite you to view our educational articles and listen to our health talks under the “Information” header. Because health recommendations are generally best approached on an individual basis, we invite you to become a patient of our clinic and take advantage of our 40 plus  years of serving patients in the Puget Sound area.