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Dr. Lesley Morical, ND

Lesley Morical, ND, has a wealth of knowledge and experience related to women’s healthcare. She offers naturopathic therapies for problems related to women’s hormonal cycles, PCOS, fertility issues, PMS, thyroid disease, breast disease, fibroids, ovarian cysts and abnormal cervical screening. She has been trained by Dr. Wright in the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

She uses both conventional and functional medicine testing as they relate to hormone levels, digestive health, thyroid disease, autoimmune illness, fibromyalgia, and emotional health. 

Dr. Morical also offers natural options for patients with chronic pain conditions and chronic fatigue. She is experienced in the use of low dose naltrexone, cannabidiol, and the full realm of traditional herbs used for pain relief, in addition to acute and constitutional homeopathic remedies, therapeutic nutrition, mindfulness meditation, and the role of methylation defects, including the MTHFR mutation, in chronic physical and emotional pain conditions.

She earned a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), studied pre-med at the University of Washington (Seattle), and graduated with her ND degree from John Bastyr College (now Bastyr University) in 1988.