Dr. Ron’s Research Review – May 8, 2013

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This week’s research review focuses on the Seven Wonders of Medical Science — Modern Miracles from an article published in 1938. (Ivy 1938)

Seven Wonders of Medical Science

1.   Anesthesia and analgesia

2.   The germ causation of infectious diseases

3.   Our present knowledge of immunity and body resistance to diseases

4.   Antisepsis and asepsis

5.   Knowledge of symptoms, which is based on a knowledge of physiology

6.   Organotherapy, which is based on knowledge of physiology.

7.   Animal nutrition and vitamins, as related to the prevention of diseases

Some of the discoveries include:

Insulin, which controls diabetes

Liver extract for pernicious anemia

Treatment of Addison's disease, which can be controlled with extracts of the adrenal glands

Dr. Ron


Seven Wonders of Medical Science-Modern Miracles

         (Ivy 1938) Download


Ivy, A. C. (1938). "Seven Wonders of Medical Science-Modern Miracles." Cal West Med 49(4): 260-3. [PMID: 18744735]