Dr. Ron’s Research Review – March 20, 2013

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This week’s research review contains quotes on the relationship between the endocrine glands and sterility by Francis M. Pottenger. (Pottenger 1923)

The importance of disturbance in endocrine equilibrium as a cause of sterility is just beginning to dawn upon the medical profession.

The subject of sterility in women illustrates these principles well.

Whether or not a woman shall be able to bear children is not determined alone by the possession of ovaries, tubes and a uterus, but upon such organs being able to function normally.

It is evident that a very marked influence is exerted upon the sex organs and sex function by the thyroid secretion; a decrease in this secretion in early years stunting the growth and development of the sex organs and in later life depressing the function of ovulation and menstruation.

The influence of the pituitary on the sex organs is often greater than that of the thyroid.

There is an extremely interesting inter-relationship between ovary, thyroid and the pituitary, which must always be borne in mind in attacking those functional disturbances on the part of the female sex organs which are due to causes other than inflammatory and mechanical. So far,in the administration of organotherapeutic preparations that from the thyroid is the one that gives best results. In conditions where the ovary and pituitary are at fault, the thyroid is usually a factor, and with the active thyroid preparations that we have we are usually able to do some good by their administration.

Dr. Ron


Pottenger, F. M. (1923). "What Relation Exists between the Endocrine Glands and Sterility?" Cal State J Med 21(11): 465-6 PMID: 18739138