Dr. Ron’s Research Review – April 6, 2011

This week’s research review focuses on creatine to prevent statin-induced muscle toxicity.

A case study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined the effects creatine supplementation in 12 patients with known intolerance to at least 3 statins. Myopathy scores were significantly higher after the statin-only treatment phase than at baseline but did not differ from baseline after the other treatment phases. Creatine loading plus maintenance creatine therapy prevented myopathy symp- toms in 8 of 10 patients receiving statins. After these 8 patients stopped maintenance creatine therapy and developed myopathy symptoms while receiving statins alone, reloading creatine decreased symptoms to baseline levels. (Shewmon and Craig 2010)

Dr. Ron


Creatine supplementation prevents statin-induced muscle toxicity

            (Shewmon and Craig 2010) Download


Shewmon, D. A. and J. M. Craig (2010). "Creatine supplementation prevents statin-induced muscle toxicity." Ann Intern Med 153(10): 690-2.