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Pyridoxine deficiency and the conjunctiva.
            (Bijsterveld, 1976) Download
Angular conjunctivitis caused by Moraxella was found around the turn of the century to have the highest incidence of all types of conjunctivitis. Presently it is hardly seen. Studies suggest pyridoxine deficiency as the single most important nutritional factor. Moraxella survived longer in pyridoxine deficiency.

The conjunctival flora in pyridoxine deficiency.
            (van Bijsterveld, 1971) Download
In areas where deficiencies of the vitamin B complex are common, the incidence of angular conjunctivitis is high. Isolated pyridoxine deficiency causes a condition in many which resembles that of moraxella angular conjunctivitis. This study found no difference in conjunctival flora between pyridoxine deficient pigs and fourteen patients with sideroblastic anemia.

The survival of moraxella on the conjunctiva in pyridoxine deficiency.
            (van Bijsterveld, 1972) Download
Moroxella species from man inoculated in the conjunctival sac of the guinea pig survive longer in pyridoxine deficienc, which is the result of decreased  tear flow.


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