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Selenium and Dietary Protein

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Painless Jaundice

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Hydrophilic Colloidal Diet

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Hydrophilic colloids bring about conditions in the stomach during digestion which approach those resulting from the consumption of foods in their natural state.

Hydrophilic colloids lessen gastric irritation by absorbing the digestive secretions of the stomach so that digestion takes place within a mass of food.

Gelatin, because of its availability, relatively low cost, non-toxicity, adaptability as an item of dietary and its thorough digestibility becomes an admirable hydrophilic colloid for dietary usage.

The amount of gelatin to be used in a given case depends on the patient’s needs, but it must be of good quality and sufficient in amount.

It has a wide range of usefulness in gastrointestinal ailments ranging from the atonic conditions met in the chronic invalid to the irritating condition presented in gastric ulcer.


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