AMD Articles 5 - Lipotriad


Lipotriad. A double-blind clinical trial.
            (Brown, 1974) Download
Tw double-blind clinical trials of lipotriad (3 caps 3x/day) were conducted in 14 and 41 patients with senile macular degeneration. Compared with placebo, fewer patients on lipotriad were worse. The authors conclude that the results were encouraging.

            (Scott, 1965) Download
A trial was conducted using lipotriad (3 caps 3x/day) on 76 patients with macular degeneration. 27% showed improvement, 70% stayed the same, and 2.5% were worse. A second double-blind placebo controlled trial compared 60 patients on lipotriad with 60 on placebo. Of the 60 on lipotriad, 8 improved, 51 stayed the same and 1 was worse; compared with 1 better, 33 the same, and 26 worse on placebo.

The effect of lipotriad on macular degeneration. Download
            (Swets and Van Bergen, 1960)
35 patients with macular degeneration were placed on Lipotriad therapy. Fifteen were followed for 1 to 2-1/2 years. The majority of eyes remained unchanged or improved during therapy.

Lipotriad therapy in senile macular degeneration.
            (Williamson, 1964) Download
A trial was conducted using on patients with macular degeneration using lipotriad (3 caps 3x/day; Group A, n=21) or placebo (Group B, n=24). No difference was found. More patients on liotriad, however, felt in better health at the end of the trial.



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