Tuesday Talks Schedule


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September 15th -Dr. Lauren Russel, ND
A Guide to Cutting Through the Supplement Maze: What to Take When for Optimum Health.

Join us for a night of information, inspiration, and fun as we kick off the new season of Tahoma Talks. The night will feature snacks, samples and a talk to help you optimize your health.

October 20th – Dr. Lauren Russel, ND
Improve Your Digestion and Improve Your Health.

November 17th – Dr. Angela Sadlon, ND
BioIdentical Hormone Replacement for Men and Women: The Basics.

January 19th 2016 – Dr. Mi-Jung Lee, ND LAc
Integrative Approach to Mental Health

February 16th – Dr. John Sherman, ND
How to Bypass Bypass and Stunt the Need for Stents: Ways to Improve Circulation & Prevent Heart Surgery.

March 15th – Dr. Davis Lamson, ND
Chemistry Speculations on the Epidemic of Childhood Obesity – what to survey in a child.

April 19th – Nutritionist Mami Sorajo, MS, RDN
Supper Club Brain Storm Session- Bring Your Organic Vegetables! Discover New Flavors, New Food Preparation, and New Health Benefits.
May 17th  -Dr. Cristina Maria Persa, MS, ND, RDN
Autoimmunity: Understanding Its Causes and How We May Reverse It!
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