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Tahoma Clinic's reCognition Program

For Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Have you or a family member noticed changes recently in memory or recall? Trouble finding words? Difficulty holding on to new information? Forgetting appointments? Did your doctor mention you have mild cognitive impairment?

NOW is the window of opportunity to stop cognitive decline in its tracks!

The reCOGNITION program addresses multiple risk factors in a personalized therapeutic approach.

The 7-Month Program Includes:

¨ 4 consultations with one of our Naturopathic Doctors
¨ 11 sessions with our certified Nutritionist and program “coach”
¨ Comprehensive nutritional and hormone laboratory testing
¨ Ongoing Neurocognitive Function assessment and monitoring

Current drugs help mask the symptoms of Alzheimer’s but do not treat the underlying disease or delay its progression. Despite the lack of conventional therapies for cognitive impairment, studies have consistently shown that an individual’s active management of dementia and other cognitive disorders can improve their quality of life.

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s UCLA study completed in 2014 supports the case that cognitive impairment can be reversed with a comprehensive approach that includes:

¨ Numerous lifestyle factors that support brain health including sleep, physical activity, stress management, diet, and mental stimulation. Additional factors with proven benefit are dietary supplements and bio-identical hormone replacement.
¨ Comprehensive care in effectively managing coexisting conditions such as blood glucose management, inflammation, and hormone imbalance that can contribute to loss of neurons.
¨ Emotional support for patients and caregivers through the process of healing.

The reCOGNITION program draws from Tahoma Clinic’s longstanding clinical experience as pioneers in nutrition and bio-identical hormone therapy. Please contact us for detailed information about our program.

Reference: Dale Bredesen “Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program” AGING, Sept 2014, Vol 6, N 9

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