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Tahoma Clinic Foundation

6839 Fort Dent Way, Suite #134
Tukwila, Washington  98188
Phone:  206-812-9988

Dedicated to promoting the enormous potential of nutritional therapy and natural medicine

Board of Directors:

Holly W. Han, R.N., President
Charles B. Cossé
Merrily Manthey
Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., Research Director
Tony Sieger
Melody Sieger


Tahoma Clinic Foundation, established as a nonprofit organization in 1996, is committed to furthering the study and evaluation of naturally-based, “whole-body” therapies. Its work is multi-faceted:

  • To conduct scientific research regarding natural medicine and how it can help deliver more effective, more affordable, and less dangerous care.
  • To educate about natural health care options.
  • Other activities as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Previous Studies Funded by Donations:

  • Niacinamide as an effective natural treatment for osteoarthritis
  • Vitamin B12 as an effective natural treatment for Bursitis
  • The steroid Aldosterone’s effectiveness for hearing loss
  • Berberine’s effectiveness at improving insulin resistance in recently diagnosed Type II diabetics

Previous Charitable Gifts for Treatment of Specific Health Conditions:

  • A 14-year old girl with lifelong cerebral palsy received a grant equal to 3/4 of her treatment costs from the Foundation in spring of 2009.  She was treated by advanced magnetic healing.  The patient sustained a 30-35% improvement in her condition.
  • The second grant of equal amount for high-gauss magnetic treatment was provided to a 9-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy.  The patient improved by 30%.

Grants, gifts and other forms of donations from individuals, health care professionals, corporations and other benefactors are the primary funding sources for Tahoma Clinic Foundation.

The Foundation is registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of Washington and is recognized as a public charity under IRS regulations. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by such regulations.


Contributions of all amounts are appreciated. Donations may be earmarked for a specific project or activity, or designated as unrestricted for the Foundation’s greatest needs. Donations can be mailed to the address shown above or processed through PayPal using the links on this page.  Thank-you letters are provided to donors that include information for tax purposes.

Thank you for your support!