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Speaking Calendar for Dr. Jonathan V. Wright


Dr. Jonathan V. Wright is an in-demand speaker especially regarding the intricacies of male and female bio-identical hormone replacement therapies with subjects ranging from testing to ensure safety, modulating hormone metabolism with natural substances, protective steroid metabolites, and associations between hormonal patterns and other health conditions.  He speaks on a wide variety of topics such as discovering and halting Diabetes Type II, options to treat adrenal fatigue and hearing loss, women’s and men’s health issues, less commonly-used lab tests available to the natural practitioner, BPH, and numerous other topics.

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The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium – October 14-16, Dallas, TX

Join Dr. Wright, dubbed the “Father of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy” (BHRT) by his peers, while he discusses the incredibly long history of BHRT, reviews its benefits, and reviews some basics of this popular therapy for men and women in “Part I – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, A Brief Review”.  In the second topic, Dr. Wright describes the best known anti-carcinogenic estrogens and the little known but also well researched anti-carcinogenic testosterone metabolite. He then explains how knowledge of metabolization of steroids can help you implement protective strategies to increase anti-carcinogenic hormones and decrease pro-carcinogenic hormones, and increase chances of avoiding hormone-activated cancer in “Part 2 – Anti-Carcinogenic and Pro-Carcinogenic Metabolites of Testosterone and Estrogen”.  As a final topic, he provides information every woman should be aware of in “Part 3 – Iodine Kills Breast Cancer: A Brief Review” along with supporting medical research.  Dr. Wright speaks on Sunday, October 16th, at 10:15 AM.  Please join him if you are attending the conference.  As the conference is now sold out, please join via FREE LIVESTREAM!  Here is the Livestream Link.  We hope you enjoy Dr. Wright’s information and the presentations of all 40 speakers!

Additional information is found at the conference website.

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