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Dr. Cristina Maria Persa, MS, ND – Testimonials

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Persa for over a year and a half now. I originally contacted the Tahoma Clinic after having had an 11 lb. fibroid tumor removed. I went into surgical menopause after having had a hysterectomy due to the large size of the tumor. Leading up to the surgery, I was so focused on finding the least invasive form of surgery that I hadn’t given much thought to the aftermath. After the hysterectomy, my surgeon advised me that I would need hormone treatment. I knew enough to say that I wanted bio-identical hormones vs. the pharmaceutical hormone treatment, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I live in Los Angeles, and I assumed that it would be fairly easy to find a doctor who was knowledgeable with bio-identical hormones. While researching, I started to experience the traditional ‘menopause symptoms;” hot flashes, sleepless nights, dry skin, irritable mood, in summary, I no longer felt like Me. To make matters worse, I just couldn’t find a doctor who I resonated with (I’m sure there are great doctors in Los Angeles) but I needed to find one that I trusted, felt comfortable with and who would listen to me, I knew that this would be a long term commitment. I researched bio-identical hormones and doctors for about three months, throughout my research Dr. Jonathan Wright’s name kept coming up as the developer of bio-identical hormones; so I called the Tahoma Clinic.

From the very start it was such a positive experience. The person who answered the phone was very nice, she connected me with Virginia, who not only was super nice, but was also very helpful and let me know what the process was since I was an out of State patient. I filled out the application for a phone appointment with Dr. Persa. During the phone appointment, it became very apparent rather quickly that Dr. Persa was very knowledgeable and was very interested in hearing what I had to say. For instance, I talked about my surgery, my need for bio-identical hormones, and I mentioned that I had Hashimoto, but that my doctor here in Los Angeles said that my numbers were fine and we didn’t need to worry about it until they changed. Well, Dr. Persa said that we didn’t want them to change in a bad way, and said that we would work on making sure that my thyroid got healthier and not worse. After the phone appointment; I received her recommendations for supplements for my thyroid, and to help my gut since I had had surgery and had taken antibiotics during and post-surgery. She also sent me the lab works that I needed to start my bio-identical hormone treatments.

That was over a year ago. I am not exaggerating, I feel as if a miracle as happened. It literally took about a week of applying the bio-identical hormone cream, that I was once again sleeping like a baby, and even more importantly I felt like myself again. I’m naturally a very happy, easy going person, and I was so happy to once again feel like “Me.”

Three months later, I had lab work done to see how I was responding to the bio-identical hormones and to see how my thyroid was doing; and guess what, my thyroid was improving, instead of declining, and my body was accepting the hormones as if it was producing them itself. It’s truly incredible! Since then, I have met Dr. Persa and the staff at Tahoma Clinic, truly everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. Virginia is my “go to” person, I had tons of questions at the beginning and she was so nice and attentive with me. I also did the food allergy test. I highly recommend finding out what foods your body are sensitive to. My headaches, bloated feeling, low energy are all gone. At first it’s hard to eliminate the foods that just don’t work for your body, but once you get over the initial shock of eliminating them, it’s so worth it! I feel so blessed that I made the decision to reach out to the Tahoma Clinic.

I decided to share my story because since then, I’ve had many friends, who know I had a hysterectomy and went into surgical menopause, ask me who my doctor is and what I am doing. I have more energy, I’m happy, I sleep well, and I feel as if my health is at its optimal. It does take extra time and energy to do the lab works and eliminate the foods, but for me, it was important to not have to take pharmaceuticals and I wanted a natural way of healing my body and feeling whole once again. And I am truly grateful that I found the Tahoma Clinic and that Dr. Persa is my doctor.

R. D.

Los Angeles, CA

I came to Dr. Cristina Persa through recommendation by two of her patients, who resolved lifetime issues in a matter of months. I was experiencing digestive issues, had no menses for years and had debilitating morning sickness during both my pregnancies. I was tired of using over the counter medications to mask my symptoms, and wanted to gain control of my health.

At my first visit with Dr. Persa I was so impressed with her questions and evaluations.  I felt excited that someone was listening with open ears and had recommendations and positive energy that we could change what I was experiencing.  Dr. Persa offered thorough explanations and insight.  I went through with her recommended testing, and sure enough, Dr. Persa made the right diagnosis.  I made the changes in my diet and took supplements that Dr. Persa recommended.  I experienced drastic changes in how I felt, even areas I didn’t think could be affected by my diet!

I am so confident in Dr. Persa that I refuse to go anywhere closer to home and save myself an hour drive.  Dr. Persa truly cares about each patient as an individual, and is wonderful at what she does.  Thank you Dr. Persa!”


Seattle, Washington

I have been traveling to Tahoma Clinic from Dallas Texas for 2 years to see Dr. Persa. I had multiple concerns that were not being addressed in the conventional medical world even though I considered my Internist very caring and knowledgeable  I had tried for years to use bio-identical hormones and never felt I was getting the result I should. I have been a fan of Dr. Wright for over 10 years and have read his books so I decided the time had come to go to the real pioneers in the hormone field. AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

Dr. Persa has worked with me on balancing my hormones, getting rid of my migraines, increasing my bone density, lung function, and getting my thyroid normal. She is a great listener, super smart in the cell functions of the body and takes a very realistic approach to helping you with your lifestyle obstacles!!

I fly in and see Dr. Persa yearly and then do phone consults as needed through out the year and any lab testing she feels is necessary. This is the Best I have ever felt and I will continue this program because it is like NO OTHER. If you lose your Health, you really lose everything. Isn’t it worth it to go to the BEST?

S.H. from Dallas, TX


Dear Dr. Persa,
Thank you so much for making me feel better!  I feel SO much better!  I made a red chocolate chip muffin that is gluten, egg, and dairy free.  It’s also in a shape of a heart just for you!  I really hope you like it!  I drew a picture for you!  Again, thank you SO MUCH!  Enjoy your muffin! 

K.C., 10 Years Old

Olympia, WA

My choice of Tahoma Clinic has been a very happy experience. I had a major disappointment with my former primary care physician regarding neuropathy care.  He prescribed pain killers, telling me that at my age I should expect difficulties. My hustand researched and suggested the Tahoma Clinic naturopathic physicians.  I met with Dr. Cristina Persa.  I admire and respect her.  Shd diagnosed and treated me in a most professional manner.  She has enabled me to walk and sleep with more comfort.  I am most grateful to Dr. Persa and the staff at Tahoma Clinic, and pleased to refer them to anyone seeking care.

H. K.

Burien, Washington

Doctor Persa has been my doctor since June of 2014.  I find her to be very insightful, professional and intuitive.  I have recommended her to family members and others.  I am very thankful she is my doctor.


Dr. Persa is the most amazing doctor I have ever been to, she is one in a million. She is very knowledgeable, resourceful, particular, detailed, and attentive; treats her patients as individuals. She is someone who truly cares about the health and wellbeing of others. She makes a person feel special. She is very devoted to discovering the underlying cause of an illness and does not just treat the symptoms, like many doctors do. She views the body as an integrated system and not an isolated medical problem.

I was completely discouraged after 7 years of unsuccessful or temporary improvement of my health. Not one doctor could successfully diagnose and treat my chronic medical condition. I would get somewhat better and then regress. Doctors, including specialists, I went to treated my illness with a standard protocol – “if that doesn’t work, we will try something else.” It was even suggested to me that “it’s all in [my] head.” Misery does not describe what I felt. My condition got so bad that I completely withdrew from life, I avoided social contact (including my family) and I was not able to hold a job. At times the pain was so intense I did not want to go on. I lost all hope in myself and medical field.

I was at the end of my rope when I stumbled on a book written by Dr. Johnathan Wright, founder of Tahoma Clinic. After reading all of his books I called to schedule an appointment. Initially I was set on seeing Dr. Wright, but after reviewing Dr. Persa’s profile and having a brief phone consultation with her, I decided to keep my appointment. I am so glad I did.

I believe that if I had not found Dr. Persa, I would not be here today to express my gratitude. She saved my life. I am very grateful for all that she has done for me. I still have ways to go, but I feel so much better, I work full time and I am slowly entering the social circle. I highly recommend her for all medical needs. Although I live in Florida, I consider her my primary physician.

Many thanks to Tahoma Clinic staff, Dispensary staff and Meridian Valley Lab staff. Everyone is very courteous, helpful and friendly.

Micah, Clearweater, Fl

We came to the Tahoma Clinic because our son had been diagnosed with asthma and severe allergies. He has been a patient of Dr. Persa’s for several months now and we have seen great improvements in his overall health under her care!! Last year, he required breathing treatments every 1-2 weeks and now he hasn’t needed ANY for the last 10 months!!! He also wasn’t growing (due to his many allergies) but since becoming her patient, he has gained 3 lbs and over 2 inches!  Not only has she been so informative and knowledgeable, it is clear that she truly cares about her patients. She has always taken the time to make me feel comfortable and to answer all of my questions. Everyone at the Tahoma Clinic has been such a joy to work with, we could not be happier!

K. L.

Thanks to Dr. Cristina Persa and the Tahoma Clinic.  My daughter experienced significant hair loss and eventually was largely bald.  She was diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body. We went to different doctors and specialists, experts in the field, who all advised there is no cure for alopecia areata.  They noted the hair loss can last for many years, it could worsen and the hair may re-grow on its own.  In my daughter’s case the hair loss was still worsening.  The specialists recommended the application of a topical steroid but advised there were side effects and that it may or may not work.  We instead decided to try the Tahoma Clinic. We met with Dr. Persa at the Tahoma Clinic in Tukwila, Washington.  She was very prepared for our meeting, clearly up on all the latest literature on alopecia areata and confirmed there is no known cure, no silver bullet.  However, Dr. Persa advised she felt there were avenues that should be investigated but was upfront and honest about the chance of success and cautioned we should temper our expectations accordingly.  Dr. Persa carefully and thoroughly explained the areas she wanted to look at and why.  She explained her plan for the series of tests to be undertaken to try to narrow down possible causes – it was a very thorough and comprehensive clinical approach. Following each series of tests Dr. Persa would meet with us to review the results, answer any questions we had and explain next steps.  Once she had the information she was looking for Dr. Persa then prepared a treatment plan that included dietary recommendations, mineral supplements and vitamins.  She reviewed the treatment plan with us to ensure we understood what was required and outlined when we needed to next meet. It did not take long before we began to see positive results.  My daughter’s hair started to re-grow.  During the re-growth Dr. Persa met with us regularly to monitor the status, answer any questions we had and make adjustments to the treatment plan based on test results and her own observations.  Today, my daughter has a full head of hair and it continues to grow. I cannot speak highly enough about the Tahoma Clinic and the staff, and Dr. Persa in particular.  Everyone at the clinic – administration staff, dispensary personnel, nurses, technicians and doctors – is extremely professional and goes the extra mile for their patients.  They were all extremely kind to my daughter during what was a trying and difficult period for her.  The Tahoma Clinic staff members are not working for the government or an insurance company; they are working for their patients and it shows.


Father of a Dr. Persa patient

I can’t say enough good about Tahoma Clinic. I have been using their services since 1992. Recently I was rushed to the ER in my home town of Chicago. After four days in the ER I was diagnosed with having had a TIA. The doctors didn’t suggest anything except to put me on a synthetic thyroid medication while I was in the hospital and suggested I continue using it. Of course, I was not going to do any type of conventional treatment until I was able to talk to Dr. Persa. She knew immediately what protocol I was to begin. After seeing the test results and talking to me in-depth, Dr. Persa realized I had Grave’s Disease. Within 10 days, the protocol she suggested improved my symptoms. One month later, I was functioning better than I had in two years. I have a better outlook on life, I am more energetic, my productivity has greatly improved and I am ecstatic about feeling good with minimal effort and without having my thyroid “burned-out”. Tahoma Clinic is the alternative clinic. Most others either do not know the answers or have learned from Dr. Wright. I am grateful and thankful for their continued dedication to natural and alternative treatments. Thank you, Dr. Persa and Tahoma Clinic.

Kathy M

Chicago, IL.

My wife and I each have multiple medical problems.  Dr. Persa is sincerely committed to helping us.  In my case I was checked by four doctors including one specialist before coming to Dr. Persa.  I was told there was no cure and I must either be on prescription drugs lifelong, or have a surgical procedure annually.  I found out about Dr. Persa from my wife, and since I have been in her care my conditions have improved, and I am hopeful they will be cured.

William and Maureen

Maple Valley, Washington

I initially called Tahoma Clinic because I had problems with migraines, joint pain, and fatigue.  I called and was given an appointment with Dr. Persa.  I am so thankful for that, as she has changed my life.  I am 43 and have always been active and in good shape.  The last 5 or so years I have been dealing with issues that caused me to feel fatigue, drained, chronic headaches, etc.  My quality of life had diminished.  Dr. Persa took her time with me listening to my issues and ordered different types of blood-work based on our conversation and within weeks of starting my prescribed medicines and supplements I began to feel better.  More energy, less intense and frequent headaches and less joint pain.  I am so ever thankful to have met her and the great staff (especially Virginia) at the clinic.  I has truly changed my life and I feel so grateful that each new day I can take full advantage of it because I feel well.  Dr. Persa has taught me a lot about cellular inflammation, the damage it does and how to treat and prevent it.  They are pioneers in their field.

S.W. from Montana

The Tahoma Clinic is the best clinic I have been to for my health. I had ongoing UTI’s, psoriasis, postmenopausal issues etc. I called the clinic and they scheduled me with Dr. Cristina Persa. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me regarding my health. The staff, Dr. Persa, the laboratory, dispensary, and her medical assistant, Virginia, are all top-notch! Dr. Wright did the right thing by providing his clinics to us. I am now UTI free, psoriasis is much milder (also working with findings from the book, “Healing Psoriasis” by John Pagano), and my postmenopausal issues are being resolved. The most beneficial thing that has helped my health, my energy, my mood and my life was being tested for hormones and finding the right Bio-Identical hormone balance for my body. Dr. Persa is excellent at that. I am happy, health and have a more vibrant life than ever. I didn’t know I could feel this good at 55 years old. Thank you, Tahoma Clinic, for all you do and have done for me. I feel cared for and well taken care of.

Cathy from Bellevue, Washington