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Dr. David Graves, ND

Tukwila Clinic

Dr. David Graves is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  In 2007 he earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University and in 2003, a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (also at Bastyr University). After studying at Bastyr, he spent three years in California in private practice. He returned to Washington in 2010 to open a practice in Spokane.  Drawn to Dr. Wright’s approach to natural medicine, Dr. Graves joined the Tahoma Clinic medical team.

In addition to practicing general medicine according to naturopathic principles and techniques, he specializes in treating hormone imbalances including age-related decline in sex hormones, fertility, adrenal fatigue, cortisol imbalances and thyroid conditions.  He addresses digestion, detoxification and immune system issues, as dysfunction in these systems leads to common problems such as fatigue, weight gain, mood disorders, digestive problems, and allergies.

Dr. Graves has developed clinical nutritional programs utilizing low-carb diets for effective weight reduction, athletic performance, and to reverse metabolic diseases that compliment his total health approach (the Ketogenic Diet is utilized in his practice).  He provides diet analysis with individualized recommendations and restorative therapies for improved quality of life.

In addition to his practice at Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Graves regularly teaches and manages support groups for weight-loss and metabolic health, educating on the benefits of the ketogenic diet and other strategies.
Dr. Graves was a guest on Dr. Wright’s Green Medicine Radio Show, speaking about the Ketogenic Diet.  Listen here.