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Dr. Angela Sadlon, ND – Testimonials

Just a quick note of thanks to two of your staff members who are amazing to work with.

First, Dr. Angela Sadlon, whom I first visited with 3 weeks ago after having been a patient at Longevity Clinic for the last year. Among the many things we discussed, she introduced me to the Paleo diet and PACE exercise program. I found her to be extremely interested in my personal situation, an excellent listener, and pragmatic about changes for my lifestyle, which includes a great deal of business travel. On my second visit 9 days later, I had lost 6 pounds from taking her advice with the Paleo diet and PACE program!

The quality of her care and recommendations are far better than what I had received at Longevity, at far less the cost. I was so pleased that I brought my wife in this week to meet with her and she was equally thrilled.

I also wanted to compliment Rama, Medical Assistant. She is personable, caring, and extremely thoughtful. She went out of her way to help me obtain my supplements when I was consulting at the North Seattle location, saving me time and energy.

I was drawn to your clinic after reading “Bursting with Energy” by Dr. Shallenberger, and the forward written by you in that book; I feel fortunate to have access to such great, naturopathic medicine here in the Seattle area, and the outstanding staff that you have hired.

T.M., Camano Island, Washington

Several years ago, my friend recommended trying a gluten-free diet. While doing this definitely has improved my health, I’ve now taken another step towards better health: The Paleo Diet, written by Loren Cordain, Ph.D. of Colorado State University. It was recommended to me by Dr. Angela Sadlon, N.D. of the Tahoma Clinic North in Seattle. This morning I weighed myself on my bathroom scale: 201 lbs. This is perhaps the least I’ve weighed in about 20 years, down from about 230 lbs. just three years ago. Not only am I trending towards a healthier weight (my goal is to get down to 173 lbs.), but my arthritis symptoms are considerably less, I have fewer headaches, and my energy levels have improved dramatically. My mental health may be improving, also. Yesterday I rode my bicycle 11.5 miles each way to my work. So, it’s the classic “diet and exercise” regime often recommended by physicians, but the most important part is the right diet, not just fewer calories, so that I actually feel like doing the exercise. I also use a lot of supplements (far more in many cases than the ridiculous RDAs the FDA and USDA propagates, which are not really supported by as much research as one might have been led to believe). So, I’m writing to family and friends to let you know I recommend this diet, if you want to live longer, enjoy better health, and feel better. Please note: I have no commercial interest in this whatsoever, which is not the case with the American Dairy Association, etc. I also wanted to let you know that if I don’t eat certain things at family gatherings or other occasions, it is for health reasons only. Live long and prosper.